Have you ever wondered who you are or why you are here? Have you tried to find answers to those questions, only to find more questions, doubts and fears in your search? Do you struggle to be still and slow down, either in your mind or body?

I know I wrestle with all of these questions. Knowing that others grapple with this too and aren’t afraid to be honest about their struggles brings me much encouragement and comfort in my journey of deeper faith. I have learned that sometimes the greatest words we can hear is someone else saying, "I've been there too. I understand." Sometimes, a listening ear is all we need.

The purpose of this site is to share those real stories of our lives. The ones that exist behind the façade and persona that we like the world to believe. These stories will surely include humor because God sure does have a sense of humor, doesn’t He? And yes, there will probably be some sharing of anger, heartache, suffering and loss sprinkled in along the way as we build trust in our online community.

My name is Tracey Holland and Standing on Solid Rock is all about helping you find answers to those big and small questions in life. My greatest hope is that within these conversations, we will all find something, someone, bigger than our present circumstances. Through the fabric of our shared faith, we will find a gracious and loving Father whose outstretched arms are cradling us, holding us tightly.

Maybe for some of us, we will even begin to stretch our faith and trust that He has a much greater and better plan than our human eyes can see and we could ever create ourselves. Maybe we might even find the courage to begin walking toward His truth in search of the answers we personally seek.

I believe by slowing down and seeking Him, answers can be found. He will set your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand (Psalm 46:2).Through the sharing of God’s Word and our unique personal experience stories, we will encourage each other and make a difference...one story and one life at a time.

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