Adult Retreats

God’s Calling . . . Are You Listening?

The objectives of this retreat will meet the felt needs of the fast paced culture we live in. The pressures of the world continue to leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. So many of us feel boxed in, whether it be by the mounting to-do lists or our inability to be still in mind, body or spirit. Allow our time together to help you recoup lost energy and refocus your life.  

Retreats can be ½ day, whole day, or weekend renewals. Topics can be tailored and combined to meet your church, organization or conference needs.

  • Hands-on, experiential approach to learning.
  • Active engagement strategies employed for personal discovery and learning.
  • Strong practical, real-life application of the Scriptures.
  • Developed sense of community with rich discussions that allow for deeper fellowship.
  • Self-reflection and prayer time built in to the retreat design.

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