Interactive Sessions

Staying Plugged In

In today’s society, very little is held sacred. Finding, and making, time to do what brings rest to our bodies is a hard sell. How do we escape the pressures of life to not only take care of ourselves, but tune into the only Power that will ever bring peace to our minds, bodies and souls? Plugging in to God allows us to hear Him in the busy world we live in. Learn “plug-in” strategies to help you grow in your walk with God.

T.I.M.E. – The New 4-letter Word

Time is a renewable resource.  Every day, our clock resets and we are given 24 more hours. Does that bring you more stress or relief? The challenge is not to manage time, but yourself. But how do you do that when you are pulled in so many directions? During this interactive session, you will learn how to begin your own T.I.M.E. alignment.

T ime is a renewable resource
I nvest wisely
M anage yourself, not your time
E nergy is yours to be restored

Values and Priorities: Does it Really Matter?

Are the things or people that matter most in your life getting the best of you or are they merely getting the leftovers? Living with intention requires setting limits and boundaries. Have you taken the time to build the hedge around what you love and treasure most? Learn to organize and execute your life around values and priorities. In this search, you will be encouraged to find your bigger “YES” in life so that saying “NO” is a response of freedom not guilt.

The Measure of Success

We each have our own, uniquely written success stories. And each book reads differently. Have you ever taken the time to consciously identify what you consider success to be? Once identified, you can see how it measures up in terms of worldly standards or God’s standards. Come and learn the true measure of success, as defined in the Scriptures, and learn to apply them to your life.

Sessions run 60-120 minutes. They can be tailored and combined to meet your church, organization or conference needs. All sessions are hands-on with active engagement strategies employed to include the audience for personal discovery and learning. They have a biblical focus with strong, practical, real-life application.

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