Multi-tasking Part IV: Instant Reality
3/13/2013 9:52:48 PM by: Tracey

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.        ~Proverbs 22:6     


Multi-tasking has become the “instant” reality in the world we live in.

Wait, why wait? Who needs to wait?

Over the last several years, technology has become even more of a living, breathing organism.

This has bred the need to multi-task in order to be in the know and keep up with the pace of life.

My question continues to be—how is this good for us and our personal relationships with others?

How many times have we all been guilty of texting or typing on the computer while someone is standing or sitting in front of us wanting our attention?



I know I do this, and it’s a bad habit that needs to break.

When I am trying to listen to what someone is saying to me while I text or type, I am clearly not paying attention to either conversation well. I am doing a shoty job at both.

Worse yet, I am most likely hurting the person in front of me because they can see that they don’t have my undivided attention.

Our actions speak louder than words. Which leads me to wonder about how many of us are actually truly present in the life we walk in?

If a survey was taken, I’d venture to say it would be a low percentage of people. Most likely the older generation, who actually do not live and breathe waiting by the phone or computer for someone to communicate with them.

If we were honest with ourselves, we’d have to admit that there are times we are emotionally checked out while physically present.

We might be in a room with someone or a group of people, but our focus is on whoever is on the other end of our phones or computers via text, email or some version of instant messenger.

Our minds get lost in the multitude of things that didn’t get done that day. Why we think spinning them around in our minds eye is going to ease our worry, I don’t know. That habit only grows my anxiety.

Phones have apps and social networking options that keep us connected to the world and all its distractions 24-7.

The sad reality is that this multi-tasking approach to life is impacting the American family. Family time is splintered by the overuse of technology. How is this habit for anyone?

There is an entire generation growing up believing that this is how life and relationships should be. You can’t blame them, they know nothing different. At least those of us in our mid to late twenties and beyond, have another perspective that we grew up with.

Isn’t it our adult responsibility to at least show or expose them to something else, a different way? If we would all take an intentional look at what we are modeling to our young people, do you think we would like what we see?

Kids learn more by watching what we do than by listening to what we say.

How do you want to “train up a child” in your sphere of influence?

Click here if you want to go deeper in reflection.



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