Youth Leadership



Reaching Out ... Small Group Essentials

Do you find yourself struggling to meet the needs of today's youth? As a youth leader, you may have already learned that there are many factors that influence your successful leading of a small group of middle schoolers or teenagers. If you are looking to add more tips and strategies to your bag of tricks, then this training is for you. You will learn effective and fun engagement strategies that will get youth sharing and connecting on deeper levels than you could have ever imagined. You will walk away with proven techniques sure to create a buzz. Come see for yourself what all the hype is about.

Finding and Igniting Sparks

Imagine what would happen if you view each teenager from a strength-based perspective. Do you see the endless amounts of energy, passion and desire just bursting at the seams? How can we rekindle, instead of squash, the ambition and the raw talent our youth possess? We need to create environments that nurture an alternative future, one based on gifts, talents, service, accountability and commitment. Are you ready to learn how to ignite the buried passion and spark in today's youth? Making an investment in our furture begins with championing and mentoring young people of today.




Trainings run 2 – 3 hours, however, they can also run in a series or be developed into a retreat upon request. They can be tailored and combined to meet your church, organization or conference needs. All trainings contain a biblical focus and are hands-on with active engagement strategies.



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